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TITLE COMPANY--Streamlined and Simple Closing Instructions.

The mortgage broker handling the loan will have contacted you to let you know that the Buyer will be using MISSION BRANCH-HOME Grant.  Prior to Closing, ideally 2 days, you will receive four (4) fax pages from HOME's office:


-  Fax Cover Page

-  Title Instructions

-  Letter from Seller

-  Contribution Receipt


Title instructions will outline the exact steps that need to be taken to process the grant, including how to complete the HUD1.  The Seller Letter gives you permission to distribute part of the proceeds from the sale of the property to HOME as a marketing or service fee.   The Contribution Receipt is for the Seller's files and verifies that they did make a contribution to a 501(c)(3).


Completed copies of all these items are to be mailed to HOME within 24 hours of Closing.


If you have any questions, please contact us.



The process for Closing a home using MISSION BRANCH-HOME Grant is simple.

  1. Complete the HUD1 as indicated in the instructions.
  2. Have the Seller sign both the Seller Letter and the Contribution Receipt.
  3. Give copies of the Seller Letter and the Contribution Receipt to the Seller.
  4. Mail copies of the completed instructions, the two forms, and either the wiring confirmation paperwork or the cashiers check. Please mail the completed paperwork to the following address:


    Processing Department

    17616 East Temple Drive

    Aurora, CO 80015

  5. After Closing, if indicated, wire the funds.


Here are samples of the items included in the Title Instruction Packet.


Title Instructions

Seller Letter

Contribution Receipt







903 S. Rifle Street, 
Aurora, CO 80017

office  720.322.5480    


MISSION BRANCH is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is committed to maximizing the potential of all people.  MISSION BRANCH-HOME Grant is a "branch" of MISSION BRANCH that is committed to affordable housing.  Referred to as HOME (Home Ownership and Mortgage Education), our nonprofit accomplishes this mission in two ways:

Empowering real estate industry professionals by providing education and technology that enhances the experience of their profession and their results. 

Fostering home ownership by providing down payment and closing cost assistance to potential homeowners, investors, and those who are committed to creating affordable housing opportunities. 



This Home Grant site is a creation of:

2007 Mission Branch - Home Ownership and Mortgage Education. All rights reserved.